Player Top 10, Day 4: Power Forwards

Day 4! Here is my list for the Top 10 Power Forwards in the NBA:

#10- Dirk Nowitzki- DAL

Dirk struggled early last season, but he dominated the playoffs. He averaged 23 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists for the season including the playoffs. The reason why I have Dirk at #10 is because his rebounding and assist numbers were down, and his scoring is the only thing that excites me about his game. The Mavs are a borderline playoff team this year and I don’t think Dirk can carry that team all season.

#9- Paul Milsap- UTA

Paul Millsap is a guy who is very underrated around the league. Nt many people know that he averaged 17 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, and a block last season. He is also one of the top 4 or 5 defensive power forwards in the league. He is in line for a big pay day next July when he becomes a free agents.

#8- Chris Bosh- MIA

Chris Bosh had a very down year last season. He was a 18 and 8 player who was injured at the end of the regular season and for a big portion of the playoffs. He will jump up this list with a healthier and better statistical season in 2012-13. Heard he may be playing center for the Heat now, which worries me a bit because he is skinny. He could suffer on the defensive end.

#7- DeMarcus Cosuins- SAC

Many people think the DeMarcus Cousins is a center, but it always seems like he is defending 4’s, so I ranked him with the Power Forwards. He is a ridiculously talented guy who is going to be a star. He averaged 18pts-11rbs-2asts-2stls-1blk, one of the only players to average a double-double last season. The Kings need to figure their arena business because this guy wants to play in a place where he can be a star.

#6- David Lee- GSW

David Lee is another underrated guy around the league. A lot of people hate on his defense, but the man is a player. He averaged 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 assists last season and he is going to be a consistent beast for a long time. People will respect him more when the Warriors start winning.

#5- Pau Gasol- LAL

Pau Gasol has been slowly declining with age, but he is still a top 5 guy. The Lakers are better across the board, so he doesn’t have to do as much as he has. Dwight is going to open things up for Pau and he will have another solid year where he might be earning another NBA title.

#4- Josh Smith- ATL

Josh Smith is one of the top 5 or 6 defenders in the entire league. He is really long and uses that length to block shots. He averaged 19 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, an 2 blocks last season. He is an extremely versatile player who is a beast on both ends of the floor.

#3- Amare Stoudemire- NYK

Amare needs to figure some things out in New York. The chemistry with him and Melo needs to get hammered out. But with Jason Kidd dishing him the ball, he should have a great bounce back season. He well get back to the 25 and 10 machine he has been for most of his career.

#2- Blake Griffin- LAC

Blake Griffin is easily the most exciting player in the NBA. Everyone loves watching his earth shaking dunks. But his knees are a problem, he was injured again this off-season and his health is a big question mark going into training camp. Hopefully, he can get back on the court soon, so that he can continue giving us sweet highlight dunks.

#1- Kevin Love- MIN

Kevin Love is a double-double machine, and just look at his numbers: 26 points and 13 rebounds. Damn, every team would love to have their power forward getting those numbers. The Timberwolves look poised for a playoff appearance, and K Love is going to lead them there.

Check out the last day of my player rankings tomorrow where I give my list of Top 10 Centers!


Different Thoughts on Draft Day Trades

I am sure that all of you have heard that the various trains of thought regarding the Warriors targets for a draft day, and I am here to give you some fresh trade ideas and possible targets. We all have heard the names Andre Igoudala, Rudy Gay, Nicolas Batum, Josh Smith, and Pau Gasol as possible trade targets for the Warriors. We have also heard about the Warriors wanting to move up to #2 to get Michael Kidd-Gilchrist… I think that those targets are pipe dreams and false hopes for Warriors fans. The Warriors do not have  the assets nor the cap space to handle a deal for those players. Here are a few names I want you think about:

Paul Milsap, Joel Anthony, Luol Deng, and Tayshaun Prince

All of those guys are on teams that want something that the Warriors can offer them and that provide a much needed role for the Warriors. I will breakdown how these players fit with the Warriors, and how a trade for them can benefit the Warriors.

Paul Milsap -PF- Utah Jazz

Paul Milsap is a magnificent low post presence. He can score down low, rebound at a high rate, and defend big better than any player on the current Warriors roster. Utah currently has Derrick Favors, a back-up PF, who they want to give more of an opportunity thus making Milsap expendable. Utah is also looking to get into the lottery to select a point guard, likely Damian Lillard or Kendall Marshall. This is where Utah and Golden State can meet in the middle. Here is my proposed deal:

GSW receives: Paul Milsap, Raja Bell

UTA  receives: Richard Jefferson, #7,52 Picks

In this deal, the Warriors would be getting two great backup players who bring veteran leadership and premier defense and are on the last year of their contracts. This would only cost the Warriors the #7 pick in all reality. Richard Jefferson has 2years and $21.21 million left on his deal, so alleviating that deal from their cap space would be worth giving up on the #7 selection. This deal would leave the Warriors $10 million under the luxury this year to re-sign Brandon Rush or Dominic McGuire and sign a backup Center or Point Guard. And would give the Warriors around $17 million in cap space next year address free agents Steph Curry and Paul Milsap. This would be a great move for the Warriors.

Joel Anthony -C- Miami Heat

This deal is similar to the last because it involves the Warriors bringing in a defensive 3rd big. Also, because Miami is looking to move up into the lottery to select a Point Guard or Center. Here is the deal:

GSW receives: Joel Anthony, #27 Pick

MIA  receives: Andris Biedrins, #7,52 Picks

This deal is more simple to explain: the pros are picking up a defensive 3rd big man and dumping Biedrins’ ugly contract. The cons would be losing the #7 Pick. I think that this is great because Anthony has 3yrs and $11.35 mil left on his deal and never makes more than $3.8 million and the fact that we would be receiving a late first rounder only helps. It gives the Warriors roughly $5 million in cap space this year and around $15-17 million in cap space next year with only Curry to worry about bringing back. A home run deal in my opinion.

Luol Deng -SF- Chicago 

Luol Deng is the exact mold of the kind of SF that the Warriors need. He is a great perimeter defender, the kind of guy you can put on the opponents best offensive player, and he is a guy you don’t have to make plays for him to score. I have him ranked as a top 5 SF in the NBA, and would make the Warriors a big playoff contender instantly. Chicago is looking to get into the lottery, possibly to get Harrison Barnes who they interviewed at the combine in Chicago, and this deal would give them an opportunity to do just that.

GSW receives: Luol Deng, #29 Pick

CHI   receives: Richard Jefferson, #7,35 Picks

This deal would make Deng the starter and allow the Warriors to slide Dorell Wright into the backup role. This deal doesn’t help our cap situation out much, but the Warriors would still have picks #29,30, and 52 to address backup Shooting Guard and Center needs. I like the deal because it gives the team a top 6 or 7 starting lineup that may lead them to the playoffs.

Tayshaun Prince -SF- Detroit 

Tayshaun Prince also give the Warriors an upgrade at SF in both defense and leadership. I think this deal gives the Warriors a bit of cap relief and dependable SF for the next few years with a modest contract of 3yrs and $21.71 million. The deal is:

GSW receives: Tayshaun Prince #9,39 Picks

DET  receives: Ricahrd Jefferson #7,30,52 Picks

The draft picks are what would make this deal happen. The Warriors would back from 7 to 9, and from 30 to 39, but it would be worth it to upgrade from Jefferson to Prince. And this deal still gives the Warriors a lottery pick to possibly select a back up Shooting Guard or Power Forward that they don’t have to reach on.

The main point of these trades is too improve the roster, expand cap space, and dump bad contracts.  Let me know if you agree with these trade targets or my opinions about the Warriors needs in general.