I’m back! What do the Warriors do?

I’m back at it covering the Golden State Warriors and what an exciting time for all Warrior fans. With the possibility of bringing in big time names like Dwight Howard or Andre Igoudala, the rumors and buzz is ramping up.

Here are my thoughts on what can happen for the Warriors:

Best Outcome:
The Warriors dump the contracts of RJ (11.046 mil), Bogut (14.2mil), Biedrins (9mil) and sign Dwight Howard outright.

In this scenario, GSW would obtain 1 or 2 pick in future drafts, as well as trade exceptions in exchange for the large expiring deals. Any way that the Warriors could gain assets and clear cap space to sign D12 is a huge win.

Salty Outcome:
The Lakers sign-and-trade Dwight Howard to the Warriors in exchange for Bogut, Klay/Barnes, and a 1st Round Pick.

This is the “salty” outcome because even though the Warriors would be acquiring Howard, they would have to give up either Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes, who are extremely young and talented, with lots of potential and low salaries. The Lakers will most likely not be able get this kind of package from Golden State because of the Warriors ability to clear the cap space to sign Dwight outright, but the trade above is just the scenario on the rumor mill now.

Plan B Outcome:
Warriors clear up the cap space to sign Andre Igoudala.

I am not a fan of this scenario because doing this means giving up Bogut to get AI and the Warriors would still have Harrison Barnes. I think this move would leave the Warriors with a huge hole at the center position and clutter at small forward. I don’t like the idea of trying to hurt a good thing, and that is the result of this outcome.

Please let me know about your opinions and scenarios! I’ll update soon.


Why Don’t Free Agents Like the Warriors?

Well we are officially 20 hours away from 12:01 am, July 11th, when players can sign their contracts or offer sheets and to my surprise the Warriors have absolutely no players to sign. The Warriors do have 12 players on their current roster, but it is strange that they have made little noise with any of the key free agents that they could have brought in. They were snubbed by BRoy, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that many of the players they could use went to other teams for deals that the Warriors could have been competitive with. I mean Andre Miller 3yr/9mil, Kirk Hinrich 2yr/6mil,  and  Chauncey Billups 1yr/4.3mil where just a few of the players that got deals that were in the Warriors range, but they Dubs couldn’t make it happen. It brings me to the key question, why don’t many guys want to come to the Warriors?


There is a few simple answers:

1- Losing tradition

2- A lot of question marks with the roster

3- Unestablished Head Coach


5- Below average arena and practice facilities


These are big problems when trying to convince good NBA players to the Bay because many players don’t recognize our loyal and enthusiastic fan-base, or our talented core of players like Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Lee, Bogut, and Rush. But, fortunately our owners are trying to solve those problems that free agents see with the Dubs. They are trying to put together a better roster by assembling players like Andrew Bogut, Klay Thompson, and Harrison Barnes to bring new energy to the organization. They have announced a move to San Francisco in 2017 that will include a new arena and new site for their headquarters and practice facilities. With those nice ongoing solutions to these issues, the way free agents will look at Golden State will change, but it will do this over time. In a few years. But basically… Not Now. Not this off-season. So the Warriors are going to have to do what they have been doing, which is being patient and waiting for the right player, or players, to come to us and see what the Bay Area has to offer them.

Possible Free Agents

Now that we are few days into free agency, the Warriors have made it clear that they will not be major players in the free agent market. Even though they have little cap space, they will be able to do three things:

1) Re-Signing Brandon Rush
2) Bringing in one quality free agent using their Mid-Level Exception
3) Trading Dorell Wright

I am going to focus on the second option which is bringing in a free agent. I am hearing a few names circulate around the Warriors.

1) PG/SG- Brandon Roy
2) PF/C- Jordan Hill
3) PF- JJ Hickson
4) PG- Jason Kidd
5) C- Kwame Brown
6) PG- Jonny Flynn
7) PG- Raymond Felton
8) PG- Jerryd Bayless
9) C- Ian Mahinmi
10) C- Daniel Orton

My favorites on this list are B.Roy, J.Hickson, R.Felton, and I.Mahinmi. Any point guard or power forward help our depth and talent, just need to find the right price for one of these guys. Things will get interesting with the Warriors once Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Eric Gordon, Roy Hibbert, and Jeremy Lin have picked their landing spots.

What to do with the MLE?

Now that the Draft has come and gone, we now know more about the Warriors plans for next season.

First and foremost, Dorell Wright is done as a Warrior. Now that the team has drafted Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green, there is no room for Dorell Wright on the roster. So the Warriors are going to look for a deal to trade him.

Second, resigning Brandon Rush is a must. The Warriors have made it clear that they are bringing Rush back next season by matching whatever offer he is presented. With depth at the guard positions being such a vital need for the Warriors, resigning Rush will go a long way.

Third, what to do with the MLE? The Warriors only have room to sign one player, so who will it be? The Warriors have interest in Brandon Roy, Jordan Hill, Kirk Hinrich, and Kenyon Martin.

Hopefully they can make some good decisions and put together a playoff roster!

Brandon Roy Interest

The Warriors have confirmed interest in Brandon Roy if he is serious about an NBA comeback. However, Brandon has said that he would like to return to a contender. Unless his former agent, Warriors GM Bob Myers, can convince him that we are contending, he goes elsewhere.

Think the Warriors have a shot to sign him? Leave a comment and follow me on WordPress.com or Facebook.

My basics thoughts about the state of Golden State

Since this is my first real post, I thought I would start with my basic thoughts about the state of what is going on with the team.


Where to start! There is the draft coming up, too many draft choices at the moment, possible trades, question marks all over the roster, no cap room, and a likely move to SF in 2017. A lot to cover in a very interesting time to be a Warriors fan.


Let’s start with the set up of the current roster:


PG- Curry, Jenkins

SG- Thompson

SF- Wright, Jefferson

PF- Lee, Tyler

C- Bogut, Biedrins


At the moment, all we really have is a starting lineup and ugly contracts. Biedrins and Jefferson are eye sores and their contracts are just plain stupid. We have a need for a starting SF after a let down season from Dorell Wright, a reserve energetic scoring SG that can lead our bench unit, a solid backup for an often injured Steph Curry, and a third big man to compliment Bogut and DLee. All of these needs, and they can only be taken care of through the Draft and the Mid-Level Exception.


This takes us to the draft. The Dubs have 4 picks to address as many of these issues as they can or trade the picks to do that. With the #7,30,35,52 Picks to Warriors have options, and they have gone on the record saying that they don’t plan on keeping all of the picks. I am a fan of consolidating the number of picks we have to 3 through trades, but the Warriors need to be smart about how they do it because as us Warriors fans have seen in the past, the Warriors rarely win a trade. This is a pattern that must change in order for us to progress into a consistent contender.


As an East Bay fan for most of my life, I wasn’t very happy with the recent announcement to move to SF. I definitely was not surprised, but it still bummed me out that the ownership would make this move that so clearly alienates the fan of the East Bay that have supported the team in bad times over the past 20 years. The new stadium will be big hassle to get to for most East Bay fans because the proposed parking garage will only have 1 to 2 thousand spots for a 30,000 person stadium not to mention how hard it will be to get into San Francisco during peak traffic for a 7:30 tip-off. The cons aside, this is a great business decision for the Warriors and will make them a large market team that will attract marquee free agents.


Overall, I think with some intelligent player personnel moves, the Warriors can be a playoff contender soon, and possibly a title contender when things get rolling in San Francisco. I’ll try my best to predict and brainstorm some of the groundbreaking trades and signings that we need to become a great NBA team!